Since so many people seem to be preoccupied with the question of how and where my dogs live (and those who have never visited me seem to know best!), I thought I would include a few photos of my “dog house”.

Contrary to some reports, my dogs do not spend their days in crates. I have another house, roughly the size of the house I myself live in, across the yard. It includes room for the adult dogs, facilities for puppies, shower and bathroom facilities, a restroom, a den with a fireplace as well as a kitchen and a storage room. The den is perfect for watching television, accompanied by the dogs, in the evenings.

We are lucky to have a vast area of forest (appr. 8000 hectares) across the road from our house.  It contains plenty of footpaths and logging roads where I can exercise my dogs and let them run off the lead. I have also a large fenced yard where the dogs spend lots of time, always under supervision, depending on the weather.  In wintertime, when the weather is cold and they cannot stay outside lengthy periods of time, they are taken out several times a day.